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What interests you in Thailand?   
Useful information about different aspects of the country. Destinations and monuments you can't miss on a trip to Thailand. Interesting destinations, monuments and leisure activities if you are travelling to Thailand on holiday. Suggestions for soaking up the most authentic atmosphere of Thailand by simply making a few small changes to conventional schedules and itineraries. Leisure activities available at various tourist destinations in Thailand. Audiovisual reports on various aspects of the religious beliefs that prevail in Thailand, especially Buddhism and Animism.
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Category: CLASSICS OF THAILAND   |   Duration: 05:10

An extensive network of ethnic minorities live in Southeast Asia, spread across the territory in small communities. With few exceptions, they have never held dominant positions in the region, so have been forced to migrate frequently.
Many of them now live in Thailand and represent a wonderful opportunity for travellers to acquaint themselves with very different ways of thinking and living, thus enriching their own cultural heritage.

Category: PLACES OF INTEREST   |   Duration: 03:00

Koh Lipe is the best prepared island for tourism within the Tarutao National Park at the south-east end of the country, on the Andaman coast.

As a sun and sand destination it is hard to beat, with splendid beaches, crystal clear water and magnificent corals.  It is certainly an option to bear in mind if you are travelling to Thailand between November and April.

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01. First trip to Thailand
02. Check list for travelers to Thailand
03. Protect your health during the trip
04. Bangkok. Getting around
05. To better understand Buddhist temples
06. How to make offerings and what they mean
07. In the temples... Is Buddha alone?
08. Isaan enriches your trip to Thailand
09. Chinatown in Bangkok
10. Sustainable Thailand
Videos organized in other categories
This website is a guide for those who choose Thailand as their holiday destination.
The difference with other sites is that we provide quality information through short videos, so you can decide what you want to see based on your personal interests and needs.

How do I access the videos?
The way it works is very simple - each video is represented by a still picture. If you run your mouse over it, the video title is displayed together with the category it belongs to and its duration.
Just click on the ones you are interested in and you can view them directly.

Once you reach the selected video page, you will find a brief summary of its contents, duration, date of the latest update and a map that locates the place it refers to.

What kind of information do they provide?
The videos are organized into different categories.
Some are useful to get a general idea of the country and consider the options open to you as you start to plan your trip such as, for example, the videos about the weather, transport and driving in Thailand, all in the TIPS section.

Another set of videos can help you plan an itinerary, choosing the most interesting places to visit and also those that best suit your personal preferences. An example would be the video about Sukhothai, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam, in the CLASSICS OF THAILAND category, or the Doi Inthanon National Park in the PLACES OF INTEREST category.

A third set of videos are designed to help you to understand various aspects of Thai culture that may be somewhat unknown to the Western traveller, such as the video on Muay Thai and the three films dedicated to 'the sacred and the profane', within the CLASSICS OF THAILAND category or all of the ones in the RELIGION section.

In the THINGS TO DO category, you will find a series of videos about different activities that visitors can do in most of the country's tourist areas. You can check them out once you have planned the itinerary for your trip.

It is a similar story for the video section entitled AUTHENTIC THAILAND, which offers ideas for a few small changes to the most typical routes and itineraries to make your trip more personal. They are also suitable for those visiting the country for the first time.

Finally, the site also provides our selection of hotels and resorts, and venues offering true Asian luxury.
Short videos about the most interesting places:
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