This category provides a series of videos about destinations that are widely regarded as the most interesting ones for those visiting the country on holiday.

Several of them are located in Bangkok and many others in the city of Chiang Mai in the north of the country. The latter are located in the top left corner of the set of pictures on this screen, while the Bangkok videos are in the bottom right corner.

As for Thailand's history, there is a video that provides references for the western traveller making it easier to contextualize the places visited and the events described. There are also two videos on the ancient capitals of the Kingdom of Siam: Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

The beaches of Thailand and the Hill Tribes are often the main motivation for many people to choose to visit the country. In both cases, we provide an overview of what you are likely to find and how to plan your trip if you choose to include them as part of it.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing and the floating markets normally form part of any visit to Bangkok. In the first case, we help you to understand a bit more about what happens during the combat in case you decide to see one. And in the second case, Damnoen Aduak is a classic example of a floating market and one of the most frequently visited from the capital.

Finally, there are three videos on the subject of 'the sacred and the profane', highly recommended to gain a better insight into what you will see on your visit to historical sites and temples in Thailand.

FIRST TRIP TO THAILAND. Really, this category alone covers everything you would want to include in your first visit to this country, or at least most of it. This information is useful for organizing your trip into stages and taking note of some 'must do' visits.
Short videos about the most interesting places:
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