This category includes all other places in Thailand that might be interesting to visit for one traveller or another, depending on their individual tastes, their means of travel and personal circumstances.
We begin with the ones we consider to be most important, although new places will gradually be added to this section.

This page initially displays a row of buttons to access locations for which there are several videos: Bangkok, the coasts of the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and other cities.
Under the buttons is an initial sample of sights in different parts of the country.

There is a special feature on beaches, with a specific video detailing all major destinations.
As the country's mayor cities, Bangkok and Chiang Mai there are also special feature videos on the sights of interest to visit there. Likewise, Kanchanaburi, near Bangkok, has merited a special feature video given its reputation as a tourist resort.

FIRST TRIP TO THAILAND. Once you have a general idea of the trip you want to make and when you have had a look at the Classics of Thailand section, here you can complete your itinerary depending on the time available, time of the year and personal preferences.
Short videos about the most interesting places:
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