As the title of this section suggests, all the videos have in common that they deal with activities, either ones you take part in or ones in which you enjoy the work of others.
Certainly, much of the time you have available at each stage of your trip will be spent visiting the most emblematic and interesting sights but this hardly ever takes up all your time, so you are left having to decide what to do the rest of the day.
Or it may be the other way round - for example, you might decide to come here to play golf and then take the opportunity to also to fit in a visit to discover aspects of Thai culture and its cuisine.
Either way, this section provides a good assortment of activities and will continue to grow in order to illustrate the host of opportunities the country offers for enjoying yourself and trying out something new and fun.

FIRST TRIP TO THAILAND. Our suggestions include a wide range of activities, which vary in price and level of difficulty. Your interest in trying any of them depends more on your personal circumstances than the number of times you have already been to the country.
Short videos about the most interesting places:
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